About Us

About our story

This is a story of Dean and Aaliyah. Dean and Aaliyah graduated from Sichuan Foreign Language University, and started their first job in Guangzhou. They did their jobs with the foreign clients,live the lifes with them. So each by each, step by step, they helped more and clients to purchase goods from China solve the life problem in China. Someday, one of their clients advised them to open a trade company.So this is how this Ican Trade Company started.Yes, now Dean and Aaliyah is a couple,and have a very lovely son.

About our aim

Since founded in 2010, Ican Trade Company has already win a lot clients all around the world.Our profession is not only about helping them to place an order,but also take charge the payment, the shipment, even solve the problem they faced in life.Like our clients always said, we are not only a partner, but also a brother. Our aim is to win clients and win friends.

About our profession

Now we have a long cooperation with different factories in China, mayer in Guangzhou, Jinjiang, Fujian, Yiwu and foshan. Prices we get from the factories must be competitive and reasonable.For a long time, Aaliyah take charge the internal company things and Dean and other staffs take all clients to factories, in Guangzhou or not in Guanzghou. Sometimes, what our clients need is very simple–reliable quality, reasonable price, on-time delivery and good service, these are what we Ican Trade can supply. Ican ‘s vision is “To maximize the satisfaction of customers and employees, to be a top company in the trade area in China”. Today, we are keeping pounding away at the expansion and development!